Hola! You've landed on the website where Keith & Jalene are sharing about their trip from Oregon to the tip of South America on motorcycles. We left our home in Newport, Oregon on August 10, 2015 and plan to be on the road for 2ish years. 

We've dubbed out route, "the spiral way down." We've gone from Oregon north to Washington and Canada then, east across the northern US to Michigan then, south down to Florida then, west to...well, somewhere between Texas and California...we still need to decide where we're going to cross into Mexico then, we'll head south to the tip of South America.

Wandering backroads, chatting with people, seeing the country, without much of a plan, is what makes us happy.

Ready for more? Take a look at our Stories, written by Keith, Photos from the road, or Jalene's Knowing Ourselves blog exploring the inner journey happening as a result of our adventure.