Keith & Jalene

We met in September 2006, married in April 2008 and our lives have been filled with love and adventure from the very beginning.

Our "home" address is in Newport, Oregon, for now. Both of our families still live in the towns we grew up in, Boise for Jalene and Tacoma for Keith, and they both love that we're out exploring the world on motorcycles.

When it comes to riding, we both grew up riding dirt bikes. Keith continued riding throughout life while Jalene was on a motorcycle hiatus for about 30 years. 

If you took a snapshot of our lives before we took off on this trip, here's what you'd see. We lived in a small house within a 5 minute walk from the Pacific Ocean, had friendly neighbors who enjoyed chatting with each other and helping each other when needed, had friends to play with, didn't have any pets because both our old dogs died around the time were were married, Jalene's son was (and is!) thriving in Portland, and we worked full time (plus some!) at interesting, wonderful jobs, Keith as a research biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and Jalene as the executive director at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. We had absolutely nothing to complain about. But. But, there was a flame that kept reigniting inside us again and again.

Whenever we heard a story about people out traveling in the world, we dreamed, out loud, together of taking off on our own bikes for our own adventure. It feels like there are hundreds of little thoughts, feelings, visions, people, conversations, day dreams, night dreams, DVD's, books, and more that led us to our final decision. It felt absolutely crazy, ridiculous, and just plain wrong for two people who equally want to travel the world by motorcycle to NOT do it! One Sunday evening, after a particularly in-depth, lengthy conversation, Jalene looked at Keith and said, "Did we just decide? I mean REALLY decide to resign from our jobs this week?" And Keith said, "Yup."