North America Photo Gallery

These photos of our trip start with the newest on top and each group is labeled. Click on the photo to see a brief description. Note: This was at the beginning of our trip and we were finding our grove with a new website. That's why this gallery is different than all the others.

Our "South on a Bike" trip began on August 10, 2015 when we rode away from Newport, Oregon. As many of our friends pointed out, we went the wrong way at first. It's kinda true. We're taking the "spiral way down." Here's our basic route: Oregon to Washington to Canada, across the northern US to Michigan, south through Indiana to NW Florida, across to Texas and then, somewhere between Texas and California, we'll cross into Mexico and continue south to the tip of South America. 


Kentucky to Tennessee




Northern North Dakota

Northern Montana

Canada to Montana

British Columbia, Canada to Alberta, Canada

British Columbia, Canada


Saying So Long

Getting Ready To Go