Barichara, Colombia

We stayed in the small town of Barichara, Colombia for about a week so we have lots of photos to share. This group is from around town, our hostel, Jalene's hike, and Keith's rides.

And since we were here during the Holy Week of Easter (Semana Santa), we had the pleasure of seeing two of their many processions. This is the first one we saw on Thursday afternoon at 2 pm. We didn't follow them as they carried the heavy religious sculptures down the street because it was hot and, quite honestly, it didn't cross our minds to follow.

At 5 am on Good Friday, we decided to roll of bed with no coffee, tea, or breakfast and watch the procession for a little while. We arrived at the church in the dark of morning lit by a nearly full moon. This procession was different. As it began, we noticed people (anyone it seemed) begin walking into the street bearing their personal crosses. Then, there were two large crosses carried by several men each and, at the end of the procession, was a gigantic cross carried with much difficulty by 20-30 men. We had to follow.

So we fell into the crowd at the back of the procession, behind the enormous cross. As the we moved through the streets, more people joined until there were 100's of people. The crowd moved slowly up hill stopping only to recognize one of the stations of the cross. It was like a walking Catholic mass.

In the end, the three large crosses were erected and concreted into place with applause from the crowd. By then, it was 8 am.